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Because Networking Sucks... But Collaboration Is The Future

If you are a coach, speaker, trainer or industry expert and love to grow your business by collaborating and giving back, the GTeX Collaboration Hub is for you.

I believe that building a trusted network is the fastest and most effective way to grow your business, get referrals, make a difference, all while having a great time.

But let’s be honest...

Networking Sucks

  • Traditional networking with “your 1-minute elevator pitch” sucks.

  • You collect a bunch of LinkedIn profiles that you know you are never going to contact again.

  • And because of this, traditional networking events become a total waste of time.

You Don't Build Long Lasting Relationships

  • Because everyone is looking for clients, you don't find meaningful collaborations.

  • You are still looking for a place where you can be fully yourself and meet genuine people.

  • You feel you are wasting your time having tons of 1 to 1 calls.

And at the end of the meeting...

  • You have not learnt anything new.

  • Your business and network have not moved forward.

  • You are disappointed and frustrated because you know you could have done something better with your time.

    I was fed up with old school networking events and I decided to create

    The GTeX Collaboration Hub.

    To bring together coaches, speakers, trainers or industry experts who love to grow their businesses by collaborating and giving back.

Register Here

At the GTeX Collaboration Hub you will:


First, we will discuss some of the best practices that are working now for our members to grow their coaching, speaking or expert business.

Find Solutions

Then you will spend time brainstorming solution or getting feedback on ideas or challenges so you can move forward faster.


Then you will connect with the members of your group and understand how you can support each other on your most important priorities.

Final Give Back Pitch

Finally, we will have an open session where you will be able to present to the group a tip or a strategy based on your area of expertise so that people can get to know you and what you do.

In the end, you will have new tools to grow your business and great connections with other incredible people who can help you in achieving your vision.

If this sounds like an environment for you, Click the button below and register

Register Here


The event is FREE and it will be hosted on ZOOM.

However, we will require your attendance.

If you register and don’t show up without letting us know you will never be allowed to attend one of the future events again.

Having said that, I am looking forward to welcoming you to our next meeting and seeing what magic we can create together



Simone Vincenzi

Co-Founder GTeX

Simone Vincenzi is a multi-award winning serial entrepreneur and author who has helped people to launch more than 500 profitable businesses before he reached the age of 30 with his company GTeX.

Simone is passionate about building thriving community-led businesses where the members are the core and essence of the decisions and development of ideas.